Japan has many foods availalbe! Japan has sushi, kare raisu, miso soup, onigiri, and much much more! Here are some of the many foods.

Kare Raisu is cooked rice served with curry sauce. More toppings can be served with kare raisu. Kare Raisu is a very popular dish in Japan. Many kare raisu restaurants are located near subway systems.

kare raisu
Kare Raisu

Miso soup is made from dissolving miso pastewith some hot water and adding bits of tofu or other small foods into the soup. It is usually served with all three meals of the day.

miso soup
Miso Soup

Onigiri is made out of balls of rice, wrapped in nori seaweed. They also have food in the center, such as tuna, salmon, or Japanese pickled plum. They are inexpensive and can be found in convenience stores.


Sushi is very popular outside of Japan, and also popular in Japan. The Japanese in Japan usually eat sushi on special occasions. There are many types of sushi, all of them having rice. sushi
Some types of sushi

Another dish is the simple rice bowl. The rice bowl is served with a lot of Japanese meals. This simple rice bowl is usually topped with toppings such as soya sauce or mixed with raw egg.rice_bowl
A teriyaki rice bowl