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cary grant

Born: January 18, 1904 in Horfield, Bristol, England, UK

Died: November 29, 1986 in Davenport, Iowa, USA

Grant's Early Life

Cary Grant's early years in Bristol, England, would've been your average lower-middle-class childhood except for one extraordinary event. At the age of nine, when he came home from school one day, he was told that his mother had gone off to a seaside resort. Sadly, the real truth was not that pleasant. What really happened was that she had been placed in a mental institution, where she would remain for many years. Grant was never told about it, and never saw his mother again until he was in his late twenties.

Grant left school at the age of fourteen. He lied about his age and forged his father's signature on a letter to join Bob Pender's troupe of knockabout comedians. He also learned pantomime as well as acrobatics as he toured with the Pender troupe in the English provinces, picked up a Cockney accent in the music halls in London, and on July 1920, was one of the eight Pender boys selected to go to the United States, where he would stay because people liked him for his virility and the aura of being a gentleman.

Grant's Personal Life

Grant was young enough to begin the new career of fatherhood when he stopped making movies at the age of 62. He had five spouses. His first spouse was Virginia Cherrill, whom he married on February 10, 1934. He divorced her on March 26, 1935. He married his second spouse, Barbara Hutton on July 8, 1942. They were divorced on August 30, 1945. His third marriage was to Betsy Drake, on Christmas day in 1949. Their marriage ended in a divorce on August 14, 1962. His fourth spouse was Dyan Cannon, and they were married on July 22, 1965. Dyan Cannon gave birth to his one and only daughter, Jennifer Grant. They were divorced on March 21, 1968. His last wife, Barbara Harris, and he were married on April 11, 1981. They didn't divorce because their marriage lasted until his death (November 29, 1986).

Grant's Career

Cary Grant had a few trademarks. One of the most recognizable trademarks was his Mid-Atlantic accent. He also often played the part of a handsome bachelor in movies. Cary Grant donated his entire fee he earned for his part in The Philadelphia Story to the British War Effort. He also donated his entire salary for Arsenic and Old Lace ($100,000. This was a lot in 1944.) to the U.S. War Relief Fund.

Grant did a number of movies: